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The collection has been created for the Estonian Fashion Festival OmaMood 2021

NEW . UUS means that every old piece can become a new one.

The collection is dedicated to the legacy of a time when nothing was available, however, everyone had everything because the Estonian woman was smart and created everything herself. Not that I wish back to times when a mother’s dress was remade for a daughter and then for a granddaughter and then again and again, but I desire a situation where there aren’t that many things and the ones that are, have a higher value. I am dreaming of clothes that are made from natural materials. The garments have more moral value if a person knows the designer or creator and therefore is willing to pay a fair price. Wanting to wear something special, I combined my own two pairs of jeans and my father’s brown velvet pants into one pair of pants. Today, these three-in-one pants are in fashion again. The collection is a recycling project, inspired by the pants I sewed twenty years ago, which at that time were made because of the circumstances. Today, these three-in-one pants are in fashion again. My daughter fell in love with them. At that point, I came to the realization that a fashion-conscious young person cares about recycling when the old is made into a new one professionally and tastefully. Recycling, which is gaining popularity today, is not something new, but rather easily forgotten old. This is our ancestor’s legacy where clothes tell their own story.

The collection is completely a recycling project. The inspiration came from the pants that I made twenty years ago. At that time the pants were made because I couldn’t afford to buy new materials, therefore I used my and others’ old clothes. Wishing to wear something special, I matched my old jeans, dad’s brown velvet pants and other beige pants that were dirty and no longer washed out. Currently, these combined pants are back in fashion and my daughter fell in love with them. At this point once again, I came to the conclusion that a fashion-conscious young person is into recycling, however, the old has to be made into a new item professionally and tastefully.

Photos: Liina Laurikainen

Model: Liis keel & Eliise Kuus

MUA: Eliise Kuus

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