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Katré X Chenert Collaboration

KATRÉ X CHENERT unisex bag series “PIXEL DOG BAG

AUTUMN-WINTER 2019/2020, new textile bags 3in1 were created – there are three ways to carry the bag: shoulder bag, handbag, backpack.

Katre’s creations are based on sustainability and are made from durable, carefully selected residues from the furniture and textile industry. Bags are durable, customers use products longer and buy less. Katre has created a completely unique technique.

By now, this technique has become an influencer for others and as such, this technique is gradually becoming folk art. In collaboration with Katre technique and young creators, a whole new line of products called PIXEL DOG BAG was born. After all, the dream of every master and creator is that the next generations will carry the creations physically and in their minds.

The new product line has been created in collaboration with VIA University College students Genert Allikmaa and Triinu Arula.

In collaboration with Chenertiga, who specializes in unisex clothing, the most logical direction was to create a unisex collection to further enhance Katré’s creations. Katré and Chenert love people exactly as they are – their personality, uniqueness, creativity, and brilliance. Dare to be yourself and dare to differ!

´´PIXEL DOG BAG´´ bag series is designed for all souls and every different breed of dog symbolizes something important to us:

Pug- love,

Dachshund- independence,

Dalmatian- the courage to differ,

Bulldog- happiness,

Husky- strength, durability.

Observe, love, appreciate and have adventures through life!

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