We are shipping with AS Eesti Post.

2,95 € I 2-5 business days

Iceland, Belgium, Ireland, Luxemburg, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Lithuania, Russia, Malta, Bulgaria, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Moldova, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, France, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom

11,20 € I 7-14 business days

Japan, Croatia, Greece, Belarus, Thailand, USA, China, Canada

14,50 € I 7-14 business days


21,50 € I 10-20 business days

*We are not responsible for any additional customs fees that may occur during the shipping process.

Return policy

Returns are accepted 14 days after delivery unused and in original condition.

Free return within 14 days.

If we have received the application of returning the good, the money will be sent right away to the original bank account. No later than 14 business days. But not before we have received a proof of the goods being sent back.

The trader is required to respond to the consumer’s complaint within 15 days as of the receipt of the complaint (TKS ¶ 24 (5)). The answer must be provided to the consumer in the same form (ie in writing or reproducible in writing) and the answer must inform the consumer of the satisfaction of the claim or of a possible solution to the complaint.

The goods will be returned to the pick-up station it was first received.

The buyer can also dispute to Estonian national organization Tarbijakaitse ja Tehnilise Järelvalve Amet

Endla 10a, 10142 Tallinn | tel: 6201707 (consulting) ja 667 2000 (overall information) |

They help to solve the problems between buyer and seller in case of no consensus.

If the consumer has paid for the order with a gift card, then in case of withdrawal, the trader may confirm whether he will give the consumer a new gift card or return the money in the amount indicated on the gift card.

Please contact us if you have any problems. We answer as fast as we can kas via website chat, by e-mail at or by phone +3725513147.

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