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Sa lenda…

Katre Arula’s collection “Sa lenda…” was created in 2018 for the Estonian Fashion Festival
OmaMood performance.

The collection is inspired by folk costumes. It is a time travel from the end of the 18th century today’s. The collection begins with an interpretation of a white shirt, ending with modern ones festive dresses. Ilmari Manninen’s book “History of Estonian Folk Costumes” contains Põltsamaa the words of the pastor: “Married women, even girls, go home and in the field in shirts, most more they have something like a skirt around … ”
The colors of the collection are inspired by the most common colors in folk costumes: white aprons, shirts, shirts, cuffs; blue men’s trousers, quilts, vests; a little red – the evil eye scarecrow and lane. When using the material, the author has followed the principle that everything comes to be used sparingly. This way, even small pieces of fabric are sewn together into a new fabric, and pockets and sachets have been made from the last pieces. Just like you did our ancestors. The collection has been created using the author’s techniques, patchwork techniques, loop weaving, pearl embroidery, and, of course, recycling and tailoring.
The collection combines modern sections and national elements. Nationality authoring techniques have been used to interpret it. They help find the way to the clients who need a story about folk costumes and national identity. The message of the collection is to invite people to consume reasonably. Things don’t have to be many but they could be timeless, with each other combinable and reproducible, and be passed down from generation to generation.
Katre uses the author’s techniques in the production of his works pixel technology and hidden button technology. Both techniques are marked RECOGNIZED ESTONIAN HANDICRAFTS.

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