MIRANDA Bright Red Handbag

MIRANDA Bright Red Handbag


Katré handbags are stylish handicraft bags designed and made in Estonia. All models have a limited number. Sustainable design.

Size: height 39cm, width 37cm, bottom 10cm.

Katré bags are designed and made by hand at Katre Arula Meistrikoja in Põltsamaa, Estonia.

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Out of stock

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The colour in the picture may differ

Height 39cm, width 37cm, bottom 10cm


Surface material 100% furniture manufacturer leftovers – a mixture of natural and artificial (an advantage over natural fabric – better looking and durable, bright tones last longer and the sun does not bleach them so quickly). The material is generally moisture and dirt repellent. The material is generally moisture and dirt repellent. Closing with zipper


Clothing surpluses (waterproof nylon, 100% polyester) Two inner pockets, 1 zipped pocket, mobile phone pocket

The pattern

The pattern of the glowing fabric is reflective in the dark


Red, Bright red

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