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While making a square keychain (as we learned in a previous blog post) which great for beginners, making a great wall textile requires a little more skill and a lot of patience. Doing such a great job is well suited for “collectors”. For those who don’t throw away any of the clothes and for those who can never get out of the fabric store without buying anything. This 4 x 4 cm square work is made reminiscent of childhood memories. The work consists of 3016 squares and a work surface of more than four meters was needed to put the pattern together. “Summer Story of the Rainbow” was completed for the annual exhibition of the Estonian Lapland Society in 2003. The exhibition took place in Põltsamaa on the premises of the restaurant Konvent. Working dimensions 85 x 300cm.

But the story itself is this:
I have spent all the summers of my childhood in the country with my grandmother. I don’t really remember moments when I was bored. Rather, I still remember fond memories. Usually, our grandmother had four to six grandchildren, and then two with my brother. It had been raining all day and in the evening we were completely tired of the room activities. Finally, dad came home from work. He parked his truck in the usual place. The rain also became thinner, the sky behind the house became brighter and even the sun came out. We ran to my father and noticed a big rainbow. It was really big, like a children’s book, over two pages. And suddenly dad asked, “Do you want us to bring this rainbow to our yard? We put one end in the box of the truck and drive home. ”At that moment, I didn’t even think if that was possible at all. We were all anxious and happy about such a good idea. And so we drove around the village, the water sprayed two leaves from the mudflats and the evening sun drew the rainbow even more beautiful and beautiful. Dad didn’t say a word about the rainbow anymore, and suddenly I realized we were trying the impossible. He had played a trick on us. However, this did not disappoint at all but has remained in my memory for the rest of my life.

Why am I sharing this with you?

In my opinion, the patchwork of the square technique is patchwork. Squares can be used to make simple things, but they can also create powerful patterns and shapes. I invite you to look for and sew your own “rainbow card” for patchwork! Sewing squares is very suitable for this because it does not require much skill. However, it requires a pile of patience commitment. Good luck finding the “rainbow”!

Here are some tutorials:

Sewing squares, option 1: SIMPLE SQUARES

1. Using a cloth, cut the fabric into square pieces.
2. Lay the squares on the base to form a pattern.
3. Write the sequence number in the first box of each row.
4. Raise the row to the pile, the square with the number will be on top.
5. Start sewing from the first square piece. The square with the number is the leftmost when sewing.
6. Connect the resulting rows of squares. Make sure that the numbers on the finished work are in the same places where they were placed in the beginning. Push the sewing stock on one row to one side and the next row to the other.

Sewing squares, option 2: QUICK SQUARES

1. Cut long strips of the same width with cloths.
2. Connect them together, observing the fabric patterns. Make several different variants of such “strip fabrics”.
3. Iron the sewing stock to one side.
4. Cut strips of the same width from the edge of the “strip fabric” as you had cut at the beginning of the work.
5. Place the rows of squares connected in a different order next to each other on the base. When you are happy with the pattern, connect them. Push the sewing stock on one row to one side and the next row to the other.

Sewing squares, option 3 we will learn next time!

GOOD LUCK! #stayhome

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