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In my opinion, the patchwork of the square technique is the main thing to know. Squares can be made into simple things, such as a small keychain, but powerful patterns and shapes can also be created, such as the wall textile “Summer Story of the Rainbow”, which I will introduce in the following posts.

Well-chosen quilted fabrics with a small pattern decorated with simple square give objects a lovely look. To make them, I have been inspired by Kihnu’s pocket, which is made to carry money and keys. “Sometimes a joint with a joint or a piece of bread is put there,” the people of Kihnu write. It is usually sewn from surplus clothes, small squares. It is this simplicity and at the same time a magical force that has made me come up with new objects for everyday use. Making simple objects is also affordable for lovers of things.

Today we make a SPECIAL KEYCHAIN!

To make a KEYCHAIN you need:

1. 4pcs of different small patterned quilt fabrics 3,5×3,5cm. (sewing stock 0.5cm is already added).
2. One-colour fabric 6x6cm 1pc. (sewing margin 0.5cm has already been added).
3. Hang a 5cm cord of rubber or a thin ribbon.
4. For the filling: batting, wool or buckwheat, groats, salt (something grainy that can be found in the kitchen cabinet at home). Different keychains are nice to fill with different materials, this gives the keychain a special look and then you have to immediately understand which key needs to be removed by touching it in your pocket. However, it must be taken into account that the lifespan of a batten-filled keychain is longer.
5. Keyring or ball chain.


  1. First, connect the small patterned squares.
  2. Then fasten the hanging strip at one corner.
  3. Turn the work over, fill with cotton wool or rice, buckwheat, peas or some other nice filling.
  4. Secure the hole with blind spots.
  5. Place the key ring on the suspension strip.

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