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Katré Book “Ajatud Lapitööd”

Book “Timeless Patchwork” by Katre Arula and Pegasus Publishing House 2013

Through this book, I want to share the most colorful moments of my creative work. The structure of the book offers the joy of discovery and recognition to both craft lovers and professionals.

In the first part, you can let your thoughts and fantasies travel with photos of my patchwork world. In the second part, I invite you to discover new ones and remind you of old beloved techniques.

The techniques discussed are not mostly traditional, but have developed in the course of my own work. I like to do things with my soul. When planning works, I think of a lasting and valuable result. This is how I have created clothes and objects that can be worn and used with me decades later.

*The book is sold out and can be borrowed from well-stocked libraries.

©Katre Arula and Kirjastus Pegasus 2013


”„Timeless Patchwork“ leads the reader to the joyful and colorful world of patchwork. The book contains ideas and work instructions for making both simple items for beginners and more sophisticated dresses with national glove motifs. Step-by-step instructions are complemented by photos and sections of simpler items.”


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