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Katre Arula Author’s Techniques

Katré author’s technique – KINDAKIRJATEHNIKA or PIKSELTEHNIKA requires precision, care and development. The technique is designed and developed by Katre Arula. These are time-consuming handicraft techniques. Innovative technology allows you to create your own textiles. The technique is inspired by Estonian glove letters and patchwork techniques and is a pattern formed by a plurality of fabric layers. Everything is hand-cut, ironed on the base fabric, covered with a transparent fabric and finally all the layers are sewn together. The seams ensure that the products are portable and can be maintained and washed. The products include various garments, handbags, backpacks, reflectors, straps, belts, etc. With the pixel technique you can be sure of wearing something very special.

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Katré author’s technique – BUTTON TECHNIQUE was created by Katre Arula with the possibility to reuse old buttons. The technique allows imitation Estonian national jewelry. Knots and beads are formed by several layers of fabric hand-sewn buttons and felts. The technique is inspired Setu jewelry. Each product decorated with a hidden button technique is diverse and unique. It takes a lot of time and care to create.

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